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About Me Lynsey Grace Photography

What more can I say than I just love weddings!

The emotion, the drama, the excitement and all the amazing couples I get to meet along the way, what’s not to love! My photography style is contemporary reportage with traditional storytelling, all with a smile and a helping hand. I capture the big moments, the quiet ones, the feelings and emotions as they all come together to make your wedding day extra special. As a recent bride I know that choosing your perfect photographer is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your big day. It’s important that you work with a photographer who’s right for you and who you feel comfortable with. What I offer you as your wedding photographer is a friendly face on your big day, we’ll meet up to have a coffee so you can tell me all about your wedding plans, we build a relationship that enables me to capture the photos that you really want. I’ll make sure I know who all the important people are so when you look back at your photos you’ll see your loved ones who mean everything to you.


Lynsey Grace Photography was shortlisted as one of the top 2 finalists for the London Region in the Photographer of the Year category at the inaugural English Wedding Awards 2013.


So a little more about me…..

I’m from a small town in Hampshire and where l loved growing up and still visit regularly so see my parents and many school friends that are still a huge part of my life. I studied at Leeds University where I had the time of my life and met my crazy best friends with whom I created memories I’ll treasure forever. My degree was in Graphic Arts but I was always drawn to photography and this is where I focused my work. Digital photography was still new at this point and it was all about my beloved medium format camera. I spent hours in the dark room with all the chemicals, dogging and burning, creating an amazing image from film. There is something very magical about this process and I’m glad I had the opportunity to develop my photography skills this way. I moved to London about 9 years ago and this is where I met my lovely, gorgeous husband and have enjoyed all that the wonderful city has to offer. In April 2016 we made the big move and bought our first house in a village in Surrey called Merstham near Redhill and Reigate and I am totally loving the country life!

Over the years I have done a variety of work but my underlying passion has always been photographing people. Capturing a single moment of time that tells a whole story is truly captivating and something that will never fail to amaze me. For me weddings are the perfect environment; the amazing couples, the stories, the love, the happiness, it really is an honour to be part of each an every one.


Having recently been a bride myself in the summer of 2014 I know the experience from both sides of the camera and what the means to everyone involved. You spend months planning your perfect day and the whole thing is a whirlwind that you want to relive over and over again. To have amazing photos that you love and can look back on for years to come is priceless. Weddings are expensive and it’s hard to see the true value of quality photography until after the day has passed but it’s important to remember that those photos are what you have to remember your day by.


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