What is my style of photography?

My photography style is very natural and relaxed. I mix traditional portraits techniques with documentary and creative styles. I will be visible but not controlling or intrusive. I will offer direction but not make you pose uncomfortably.  I am there to document your day from start to finish capturing all the big moments, quiet ones, emotions and laughter that make your day special. Through pre-consultation I will have the knowledge of the days proceedings and assist in the timings so that no part of the day is missed.


Where do we have the pre-wedding consultation?

I recommend meeting up for a coffee so we can go through all the details of your wedding, talk through any specific shots you would like and answer any questions you may have. If our locations are too far apart to meet up then we can use Skype to make the initial contact.


Do I take formal groups shots, and how many will I take?

Group photos are an important part of your wedding photography but they do take time to organise so my advice is to limit them to the ones you really want. I recommend up to 6 family/group photos for an average 1.5hr reception drinks period, if you require more that’s absolutely fine but you’ll need to make sure you extend your reception drinks period accordingly.


How soon after the wedding will the photos be ready to view?

During peak season please allow up to 4 weeks from the wedding day though I will always endeavour to get them to you as quickly as possible, on average it’s 2-3 weeks.


How many photographs will I receive?

Each wedding is different therefore I cannot specific a certain number of photos, but on average a full day coverage will produce between 400-700 images.


What is an engagement shoot?

The engagement shoot is a couple portrait session that lasts approximately 1 hour, in which we have lots of fun taking a variety of photos which will help you learn to pose in a way that suits you and reflects you as a couple. It’s a great chance for me to get to know you and for you to experience being in front of the camera, making you feel more comfortable on your big day.


What happens if I am unwell or unable to make the wedding day due to unforeseen circumstances?

Thankfully this situation has never happened to me. However if prior to the wedding I discovered I would be ill for whatever reason then I would give you a full refund on your deposit and offer you a substitute photographer as a replacement to accept your discretion. In the very unlikely situation that something happened on the actually day of the wedding then I would reach out to the many active wedding photography groups and seek an emergency replacement.


Do I have insurance?

Yes I am insured for public liability up to £1000000, though I have never made a claim or had a claim made against me.


Do I have backup equipment?

Yes I always have two cameras which I use throughout the day and if something were to happen to either I would be able to shoot with just one no problem. I also carry lots of spare batteries, memory cards and anything else I might need!


Do I photograph same sex weddings?

Yes absolutely.


Do I visit the venue before the wedding?

It’s not necessary for me to visit a venue beforehand, having shot many weddings I know what I’m looking for in terms of locations to use and I can scout this out very quickly on the day, but I’m always happy to do so.


What is my ‘top tip’ I give to couples?

Timing, timing, timing!!! Weddings nearly always run behind schedule, and this is understandable when you hosting a large group of people with lots of elements to the day and you’ve probably not done it before! Always allow more time than you think you’ll need as trust me the time disappears so quickly and you don’t want to be rushed trying to squeeze everything in. To assist with timings it’s best to prepare a schedule of the day and give it to important people who you require to help and tell them what you need them to do. Ushers often don’t know that they are meant to be ‘ushering’ the group as they are not told in advance. The more prepared and organised you are will ultimately lead to you having a better day and enable you to enjoy it more.


How do I go about making an enquiry regarding availability?

Just give me a call or fill out the contact form below – 07887727116